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May 11, 2012
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PoP: Amelia Blair by emi2yam2 PoP: Amelia Blair by emi2yam2

My friends and I have been planning to join this since last year, so no- You cannot judge me for making this app :iconsawbplz:

SHE GOT IIIIIINNN~~~ //sparkles

Feel free to rp with her since I'm a loser who gets too shy to ask for rp more than half of the time ;;;:

Amelia: T-Thank you so much for welcoming me! I'm at your care now, so I hope we all get along :iconryojidaisyplz:


Name: Amelia Blair
Age: 18 years old
Birthday: Winter 11
Job: Tailor Apprentice
Alternate Job choice: General Store Helpers
Race: Human

Loved Gifts: “T-This is really sweet of you, thanks so much! I'll treasure it always!”
Emery flower, Ice cream, Charm

Liked Gifts: “Thank you! Since you’re so nice, we can share this if you want.”
Omelet rice, Rice Cake Ball, Fluffy Scarf, Strong String, Apple

Disliked Gifts: “Uummm….I don’t really know how to feel about this…”
Antidontal Herb, Radish, Dry Curry, Gun powder, Milk

Hated Gifts: “I-I….! Do you hate me that much?!” *insert sob here*
Curry powder, Cold Medicine, Round stone

Marriage item: Berry Mille-Feuille
(Accept) “A-Are you…? I-I never thought someone would ever love me cause I’m like this...T-Thank you, thank you for caring about me…!” *insert happy tears of joy here*
(Decline) "Well...this is, I'm sorry. But I'm afraid I can't return your feelings...A-At least you can eat that, yes?"

Magic: Water Bomb

Personality: Amelia is a very polite and kind-hearted girl. She can come across as shy half of the time, but that’s mostly because of her disease and the fact that she was teased a lot as a child (resulting into her older sister and father placing her in a closed environment) Despite this however she is adventurous who often fantasizes about going about distant lands. She’s not scared when it comes exploring, and often craves for freedom; she's quite inquistive. But Amelia also has a bad habit of thinking too simple-mindedly (therefore coming across as slow, which pretty much leads her into trouble AKA getting tricked easily). She is also ridiculously forgiving, which pretty much doesn’t help the all “easily tricked” part of her life.

All in all she’s an honest and helpful girl who deeply loves her two sisters who would enjoy the company of others.

History: Born in a family of 4, Amelia had been a secluded child. Her mother (Abelaide) passed away after giving birth to her and her younger twin sister, Arianna. Her father (Derick) was a lazy drunkard that barely went to work (and when he did, he’d use the money on more booze) So at a young age she and her twin sister looked up to Alice, the eldest daughter. Life wasn’t usually easy for them but it was bearable for the most part. She admired her sisters and to her, they were enough.

Now Amelia had a disease called “Rosacea” or “The blushing disease” since birth. This sickness causes the skin to turn red when placed in the heated or crowded area. In a serious case, it would cause blotches but since Amelia only has a mild case, her worst case scenario is getting rashes. However, she usually looks like she’s blushing, even though in reality she is not. So growing up she was often teased or bullied for having such a face. It didn’t help she had a habit of staring at people. This caused many to think she was thinking of lewd thoughts (being “flustered” and all) and pretty much earned her a title of being a pervert. Arianna nad stand up for her more than half of the time and scare off the bullies. Now Derick and Alice both had something in common that didn’t help her situation; they had anxiety problems. In an attempt to protect her from any further bullying, they would make her stay in the house (they said it was better than staying out in the sun, which made her sickness worse) Derick’s daughter complex wasn’t helping either.

So Amelia mostly spent her days inside. When she failed to sneak outside, she’d start making hats or knit or sew; anything to keep her mind occupied. But of course being a curious child, her original idea of her sisters and dad being enough in her life vanished. “I want to see the world too….” It was a wish that she had always kept at the back of her mind, cause who was she kidding? It was close to impossible. That was until one day...

At the age of 16, the sisters received a letter that invited them to stay in Lucine. She had heard folktales about it, about mermaids, so it didn’t even take a second for Amelia to agree on the proposition. " This could be an adventure in a new land!" were her thoughts. The two decided on going as well, and so the three left for the island, much to their father’s dismay.

And so, started their new lives. She applied to work as a tailor's apprentice though she was reluctant to after finding out her twin sister wanted the position too. T-That's the only thing she's good at sob

Additional Info:
- She also got into sticky situations of almost being sexually harassed because of her staring habit + blushing face.
- 5'0 feet tall, 5'1 feet with her shoes on.
- Enjoys making hats.
- Usually obedient to her sisters.
- Has the habit of talking to herself.
- Having not met their mother before, Amelia had always been curious on what kind of person she was.
- Spicy food/ hot days would make her sickness worse.
- Will be eternally amazed at people who can cook.
- She likes wandering off at night alone, but then this rarely happens because of her sisters.
- Amelia can’t have her hair grow too long, lest it would irritate her skin, so she actually envies girls with long pretty hair. coughcoughhersisterscoughcough
- Tell her a scary story, she’d be excited as hell. But the night after she won’t be able to sleep.
- Not really scared of hybrids. On the contrary they have peaked her curious little mind.
- Likes the sea a lot since its cooler there even when it was hot. Her dream is to see a real mermaid someday.
- To add to her skin disease, she gets colds easily.
- Hates medicine with a passion.
- Even though Amelia wasn’t a huge fan of her dad, she still misses him sometimes. (She forgave him already....//crais)


- Arianna:
"Arianna is like a super hero! Each time I'm in trouble, she's always there to save the day. I really like it when she sings too, it helps me sleep most of the time~"

- Alice:
"Big sister is really pretty and so hardworking. I want to be just like her when I grow up! She takes care of me and Arianna and I love her so much. T-Though it does make me a little upset when she does everything for me..."

- Gabe:
"Gabriel is a really nice guy! Sure he picks on me a few times, and hid my stuff when he visited, but I can say I like him a lot! If he wasn't my cousin, I might have had a crush on him already." //forever honest


I-I hope I get in ;;;; //crosses fingers

#PearlsOfParadise (c) *judaru
Art (c) Me
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